An Unexpected Conversation

I was waiting for Momma S to get M down for the night and playing some games of tic-tac-toe with K.  I took a break to get a glass of water and when I came back into the living room K hit me with:

– I don’t want you to get dead.

– (stunned silence) What?

– I don’t want you to get old or hurt and be dead.

I immediately pulled K into a huge bear hug and whispered into his ear that I am right here and not going anywhere.  I asked where is this coming from?  Did you talk about something in preschool?

– No.  I just don’t want somebody to hurt you or for you to get old and be dead.

– I don’t think anybody is going to hurt me; but as for getting old…that just sorta happens.  You can’t stop it.

– But your old and if you keep getting old you will be dead.

– Yes.  At some point I will be dead, but not now and not anytime soon.  But getting old is part of life.  How old were you last year?

– 3

– And how old are you now?

– 4

– And how old will you be after your next birthday?


– See, you are always getting older and the same thing is happening to me.  Every year I get older and some day, when I am really old, I will die.

– Can’t you just stop having your birthday?  That way you don’t get older.

I guess that was the end of the conversation.  As I brought out a humorous retort at how some people try to stop celebrating their birthdays but keep getting older, he cut me off by shoving a book at me and demanding that I read it to him.  But in all honesty, I was really touched by this moment.  K and I have our ups and downs and Momma S is the icing on this family cake, so for him to share this with me was something unexpected and extra special.  I love K so much, and that giant bear huge I gave him after he informed me that he did not want me to be dead was the high point of my day.


A Conversation

This conversation took place between K and the sweet old lady who lives on the first floor of our apartment building.  K was climbing the stairs in full winter gear carrying a twig with green leaves he found on the walk home, which he intended to put with his pine cones; and this lady had just opened the door to her apartment.

Sweet Swedish Lady:  “Swedish Swedish Swedish.”

K: “Its green leaves for my pine cones.”

SSL: “Swedish Swedish Swedish.”

K: “I can’t say it in Swedish.”

SSL: “Swedish Swedish Swedish.”

K: “I can’t say in Swedish, I don’t speak Swedish.”

SSL: “Swedish Swedish Swedish.”

K: “I can’t come into your home.”

SSL: “Swedish Swedish Swedish.”

K: “No, I live up there.  I can’t go into your home.”

SSL: “Swedish Swedish Swedish Skolan Swedish.”

K: “For pine cones.”

SSL: “Swedish Swedish Swedish.”

K: “No I can’t.

SSL: “Hej Hej.”

K: “Hej Doh.” The door closes and the conversation ends.

K to me: “That is a really nice lady, very friendly.”